Real girlfriend 3 Chinese no mosaic version _ real girlfriend 3 final perfect collector's version download (with Raiders)

The real Chinese girlfriend 3 Chinese version is an adult real-time 3D girl single game made by Japan Eye One. But it is worth mentioning that the main purpose of real girlfriends in Japan was to develop basic sexual education for young people. In the game, the player will play an 18-year-old boy, and there are three girls who will have an intimate intersection with the hero. Each hostess has different personality traits, including silly, proud and glamorous. In the game, the sole purpose of the protagonist is to conquer them. Real Chinese Girl 3 Chinese version has a very unique system, that is, the operation of the game uses a new dynamic capture technology, captures the player's movements through the camera, plus the support of 3D glasses, in order to achieve the purpose of the player to control the characters, and It allows the player to experience a "real girlfriend" who can see and feel. Of course, if the user does not have a camera, you can also use the mouse or keyboard to operate directly.

真实女友3中文无马赛克版_真实女友3最终完美典藏版下载(附攻略) 安卓18色情手机游戏大全_18禁app手游安卓下载 第1张

Real Girlfriend 3 Game Introduction

For the current otaku crisis, there is no substance that can satisfy the needs of the otaku, but for the recent Japanese 3DHGAME industry, the real version of this real girlfriend 3 Chinese version, designed for otaku, perfect entry into the otaku The inner world, and Xiao Bian also provided no Marseille patch on this site. Using a new dynamic capture technology, the game will capture the player's movements through the camera, coupled with the mouse touch machine, coupled with the support of 3D glasses, allowing players to experience a "real" tangible and tangible "real girlfriend" .

Real girlfriends can rely on full dynamic capture technology, a camera captures the player's movements and provides real feedback in the game. If you mind that the camera light is lit after entering the game, you can dial the camera. Players without a camera can also play with the mouse. When the story occurs: the mouse moves up and down to indicate [nodding], and the left and right movements indicate [shaking the head], preferably shaking the mouse horizontally or vertically.

In the game, the angle of view can be converted by the operation of ctrl+left button, or the switching of the first person and third person perspective can be realized by pressing “N”. When you encounter the plot, you need to move the mouse to the green box in the lower right corner and scroll up and down the roller in the middle of the mouse.

真实女友3中文无马赛克版_真实女友3最终完美典藏版下载(附攻略) 安卓18色情手机游戏大全_18禁app手游安卓下载 第2张

Real Girlfriend 3 Game Review

Real girlfriends can see that the game company still spent a lot of time on these three heroines. Regardless of the character's shape or the character that is expressed, it is remarkable, or it is very satisfying. It can be said that it has covered many players' tastes. From the other girl type to the knowledge of the book, all kinds of girls conquer! Fully satisfying all kinds of desires in the player's heart, not to mention the somatosensory device, it is a milestone classic.

Although the debate on this game has been relatively large since the release of this game, some people think that they are afraid of this virtual reality and are afraid of causing more social problems. However, it is undeniable that this work redefines the GAME concept and makes it More specific, this not only meets the player's perception, but also brings the game to another height, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a pioneer of its type. Moreover, before this work, there are quite a few games that have other game types coming out on various platforms. Since the somatosensory game has become the development trend of the game industry in the future, it is one of the game industry's GALGAME body-sensing devices to increase the expressive power. There is nothing wrong with it!

真实女友3中文无马赛克版_真实女友3最终完美典藏版下载(附攻略) 安卓18色情手机游戏大全_18禁app手游安卓下载 第3张

Real Girlfriend 3 Game Configuration

Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) or above

Memory: 512MB or more

Graphics card: 128MB or more of video memory, the minimum graphics card requires NVIDIA Jingshi 6 series or above graphics card or AMD-ATI radium 9500 or higher level support DirectX 9.0c

Sound card: compatible with DirectX9.0c sound card

真实女友3中文无马赛克版_真实女友3最终完美典藏版下载(附攻略) 安卓18色情手机游戏大全_18禁app手游安卓下载 第4张

Real Girlfriend 3 Game Raiders

Real girlfriend's scene: including the teacher's four H scenes, the love of the four H scenes and the color of the four H scenes

The teacher's four H scenes are:

1 go to her home - in the living room H

2 go to her home - in the bedroom H

3 at school - take you to a classroom H

4 at school - take you to another classroom H

The four H scenes of love are:

1 go to the beach - in the hole H

2 go to the beach - in the small grass house H

3 go to the pool - on the edge of the pool H

4 in the pool - flooded and then returned to the room H

The four H scenes of the color are:

1 go to the bathroom - in the bath H

2 go to the bathroom - then transfer to the small hall H

3 go to the kitchen - in the kitchen H

4 go to the kitchen - then back to the room H

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