Plastic Supermarket Shopping Trolley Coin Lock

Model NO.: HBE
Origin: Jiangsu, China
plastic supermarket shopping trolley coin lock
Coin hole: Coin hole size can be custimized
Plastic Supermarket Shopping Trolley Coin Lock
Plastic Supermarket Shopping Trolley Coin Lock
Plastic Supermarket Shopping Trolley Coin Lock
Plastic Supermarket Shopping Trolley Coin Lock
Plastic Supermarket Shopping Trolley Coin Lock


Bird Supplies


Birds have been kept as pets for at least two thousand years. Some people keep them because of their [songs" – other people enjoy the way many birds mimic human voices – and other people again like the playful antics of many bird species.


We started in the pet industry three decades ago as bird suppliers to the trade. Since the early days we have been supplying accessories, food etc for pet birds, poultry and wild birds. So we do have a comprehensive knowledge of all facets involved in bird keeping.


We stock metal bird cages – essential to keep your pet enclosed. Our cages come in a huge array of styles, sizes and colours.

For wild birds, we have small wooden Bird Houses and rattan bird nests. Great to watch birds nesting in the garden.

cagescage2rattan bird nest

We have a very big range of bird feeders – metal and plastic. We also supply food products – millet sprays – calcium blocks and cuttlefish bones.

poultry feederAluminium Lid Poultry FeederCuttle fish bone and bird accessories

Our massive range of bird accessories include – bird nets, cuttlefish bone clips, sand perch covers, bird chains, nesting material, perches – plus other lines.

For poultry, we have many sizes of plastic, metal and aluminum drinkers and feeders for farm or home use.

We also have many accessories for pigeons, such as plastic carriers for competitions, aluminum baskets, pigeon leg rings etc.

Pigeon carrier and perchesPigeon accessoriesWooden playground for bird


For you and your birds enjoyment, we have wooden bird`s playgrounds, wooden, acrylic and plastic bird toys, bells and mirrors. Rope bird perches, rope bird toys and ladders – a huge range of toys.


Order Quantity:

One of our advantages in supplying you our Bird Supplies is that we have been in the business for almost four decades. We have a massive range of quality products. Our advantage is that we can supply a very large variety of products to you in smaller volumes than you may be required to purchase elsewhere.

We are flexible in order volume - orders can be supplied LCL or full containers. MOQ can be discussed accordingly.


OEM Service:

Many of our customers have great ideas for Bird Supplies. If you have an idea, we are happy to discuss details with you, including volumes, costs and OEM etc. We can also help with developing products.

Bird Supplies

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