Breakthrough in the research of nanolithography technology in China

A few days ago, the Microlithography Technology and Microoptics Laboratory of the Institute of Optoelectronic Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences first proposed the LSP super-resolution lithography technology based on the microstructure margin. This technology uses the edge of the micro-nano structure as a mask pattern to effectively excite the surface plasma. It uses ordinary I-line and G-line light sources to obtain super-resolution lithography patterns with feature sizes less than 30 nanometers.

According to the relevant person in charge, the traditional microlithography process uses the shortest possible exposure wavelength, and it is expected to obtain lithography resolution in the order of hundreds of nanometers or even tens of nanometers. However, with the shortening of the exposure wavelength, the cost of the entire lithography equipment has also risen sharply. Take the current mainstream 193 lithography machine as an example, its price is tens of millions of dollars. Such high costs severely limit the application of short-wavelength light source lithography.

In recent years, the introduction of surface plasmon optics has provided new options for the development of microlithography. Using the short wavelength of the surface plasmon wave, and through reasonable design of the mask pattern and process parameters, super-resolution nanolithography is expected to form.

Under this background, the researchers of this institute have proposed LSP super-resolution lithography based on the margin of microstructure. Theoretical studies show that this technology can obtain nanostructures with feature sizes less than 1/10 of the exposure wavelength, and the lithography resolution beyond the diffraction limit is experimentally obtained using a 365-nanometer light source. This will provide a solid foundation for the processing and preparation of China's rapidly developing information industry technology and nanotechnology.

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