【Tektronix】 THS3000 Series Handheld Oscilloscope Product Technical Information

The THS3000 handheld oscilloscope series has 4 isolated channels. The battery can work continuously for up to 7 hours. It can safely perform floating or differential measurements on the workbench or in the field. Now you can get the performance you expect from Tektronix to handle tough environments safely and economically. Model Analog channel bandwidth record length Sample rate for all channels THS3014 4 100 MHz 10 K points 2.5 GS / sTHS3014-TK 4 100 MHz 10 K points 2.5 GS / sTHS3024 4 200 MHz 10 K points 5.0 GS / sTHS3024-TK 4 200 MHz 10 K Point 5.0 GS / s Features Advantages The 4 isolated channels safely and easily perform 4-channel floating or differential measurements, including three-phase electrical measurements. The record length of 10 K points per channel captures more signal information at a higher sampling rate and clearly sees the signal details. Dedicated front panel knob The easy-to-use front panel knob takes less time to learn and more time to complete your tasks. Waveform limit test Automatically monitor up to four signals and evaluate the pass or fail results of the test with a predefined boundary. Data recording function Use the TrendPlot? Function, or capture multiple waveform screens for playback and review to quickly find abnormal signals. The battery works continuously for 7 hours The battery works continuously for up to 7 hours, working where you need it. Weighing only 4.8 lbs (2.2 kg), it is lightweight, compact in design, and easily brought from the laboratory to the site. USB master control port and USB mini port Save instrument settings, screen images and waveform data quickly and easily to a USB flash drive, or transfer data directly to a PC.

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