Swift teach you to do the maintenance of heat shrink packaging machines

As a commonly used equipment in the production industry, heat shrink packaging machines are widely used in beverage, food, daily necessities and other industries. Of course, good heat shrink packaging machines also need daily maintenance to ensure their normal operation. Today, Swift teaches you to do maintenance work on heat shrink packaging machines.

1. Regularly lubricate the oiling hole, gear meshing position and each action component with oil lubrication, once per shift;
2. When filling the heat shrink packaging machine with lubricating oil, do not drop the oil on the drive belt to prevent premature paperless damage or slippage of the belt;
3, the use of heat shrink packaging machine environment: temperature -10 °C ~ 50 °C, relative humidity ≤ 85%, non-corrosive gases in the surrounding air, no dust, no explosive danger;
4. When the equipment is installed, it must have a reliable grounding device;
5. Keep the silicone strips and heating strips clean. Do not stick foreign materials so as not to affect the sealing quality of the equipment;
6. The heat shrink packaging machine should be energized after being ventilated. When it is shut down, it should be stopped after the power is turned off.

Introduced so much, I believe we already have a certain understanding of the maintenance of small shrinkage packaging machine knowledge, right? For more heat shrink packaging machine problems, please feel free to contact Jinan Express, we will provide you with the best quality service!

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