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Shanghai Zhichuan Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. special spot agent Italy ROLLON rails, ROLLON rails, ROLLON linear guides. Italy ROLLON rails, ROLLON rails, ROLLON linear rails, ROLLON sliders, ROLLON bearings, ROLLON company has been in the field of linear motion since 1975, ROLLON has developed a variety of products to solve the field of mechanical design and manufacturing A lot of problems. Its products are widely used in many fields such as: assembly machinery, three-dimensional loading and unloading, medical machinery, lifting machinery, engraving machinery, stretching machinery, welding robots, cutting machinery, general machinery, and protective panels in industrial production. Its main products are: telescopic guides, drawer-type guides, linear bearings, linear elements, linear slides, heavy-duty guides, and heavy-duty guides. ROLLON product series are: COMPACT RAIL (18 series, 28 series, 43 series, 63 series); TELESCOPPIC RAIL (DS series, DE series, DBN series, LTF44 series, ASN series); EASY RAIL (SN22 series, SN28 series, SN35 series, SN43 series, SN63 series); UNI LINE (A series, C series, E series, ED75 series); ROLLON ECO LINE; X RAIL. ROLLON rail part models listed: ROLLON TLV18, ULV18, NT18, ROLLON NU18, TLC18, ULC18, ROLLON CSW18-60-2Z, ROLLON CSW18-80-2RS, ROLLON CSW18-100-2Z, CSW18-120-2R, ROLLON NT18, NU18,CSW18,ROLLON CSW18-60-2Z,ROLLON CSW18-60-2RS,ROLLON CSW18-80-2Z,ROLLON CSW18-80-2RS,ROLLON CSW18-100-2Z,ROLLON CSW18-100-2RS,CSW18-120- 2Z, ROLLON CSW18-120-2RS; ROLLON#28 Series Sliders: NT28, NU28, ROLLON CSW28, CSW28-80-2Z, ROLLON CSW28-80-2RS, CSW28-100-2Z, ROLLON CSW28-100-2RS, CSW28 -125-2Z, ROLLON CSW28-125-2RS, ROLLON CSW28-150-2R ROLLONCSW28-150-2RS, ROLLON#43 Series Sliders: NT43, NU43, NK43, NT43L, NU43L, NK43L, NT43L-3-A, NT43L -4-A, ROLLON NT43L-4-B, NT43L-4-C, NT43L-5-A, NT43L-5-B, NU43L-4-A, NU43L-4-B, NU43L-4-C, NU43L- 5-A,ROLLON NU43L-5-B,NK43L-4-A,ROLLON NK43L-4-B,NK43L-4-C,NK43L-5-A,NK43L-5-B,CSW43,ROLLON CSW43-120-2Z , CSW43-120-2RS, ROLLON CSW43-150-2Z, CSW43-150-2RS, CSW43-190-2Z, CSW43-190-2RS, CSW43-230-2Z, CSW43-230- 2RS, CDW43, CDW43-120-2Z, ROLLON CDW43-120-2RS, CDW43-190-2R, CDW43-190-2RS; ROLLON#63 Series Sliders: NT63, NU63, NK63, CSW63, CSW63-180-2ZR, CSW63-235-2ZR, CSW63-290-2ZR, CSW63-345-2ZR; ROLLON#18 Series Guides: TLC18, ULC18, ROLLON TLV18, ULV18; ROLLON#28 Series Guides: TLC28, ULC28, TLV28, ULV28; ROLLON#43 Series Guides: TLC43, ULC43, KLC43, TLV43, ULV43, KLV43; ROLLON #63 Series Guides: TLC63, ULC63, KLC63, TLV63, ULV63, KLV63; ROLLON Wheel CPA Series: CPA18-2Z, CPA18-2RS, ROLLON CPA28-2Z , CPA28-2RS, CPA43-2Z, CPA43-2RS, CPA63-2ZR; ROLLON Wheel CPN Series: CPN18-2Z, CPN18-2RS, ROLLON CPN28-2Z, CPN28-2RS, CPN43-2Z, CPN43-2RS, ROLLON CPN63- 2ZR; ROLLON Wheel CRA Series: CRA43-2Z, CRA63-2ZR; ROLLON Wheel CRN Series: CRN43-2Z, CRN63-2ZR, etc. Welcome to buy! ROLLON rails, ROLLON rails, ROLLON linear rails, ROLLON sliders, ROLLON bearings
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