Impedance gain and phase comprehensive analysis device ZGA5905

The impedance / gain / phase comprehensive analysis device ZGA5905 provides various electronic materials, electronic and electrical components, and the inherent characteristics, parameters, and analog data of circuits. Can shorten the evaluation and testing time, improve performance and reliability. The main application areas of power electronics technology: AC and DC power supplies, AC and DC motors, electric locomotives, power systems, frequency converters, lighting, transformers, inverters. What supporting product resources can we currently provide: high-power AC and DC power supplies, power amplifiers , Frequency characteristic analyzer, storage recorder, power analyzer, thermal imager, SIP power supply test system, EMC test instrument, safety test.

Fence Conductors

The Fence conductors includes a few kinds of style, such as Electric Fence Polywire, Electric Fence Rope, and Electric Fence Tape etc. We often export them to North America, South America and Europe etc.



• Twist as many monofilaments as as standard quality

• Monofilaments with high UV protection

• Strong PE yarns provide constantly high strength.

• Copper conductors mean that 40 times conductivity higher than traditional conductor.

• Grouping wires keep the fence voltage at a constant level.

fence rope

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Electric Fencing Conductors

Electric Fencing Conductors,Fence Rope,Electric Fence Rope,Electric Fence Tape