Principles of stem cell education for malignant tumors

Human embryonic stem cells are considered to be "totipotent cells" with the potential to form all types of cells in the body. It is the hope that humans can cure many terminal diseases. Recently, researchers from Northwestern University revealed how the microenvironments of two human embryonic stem cell lines induced metastatic melanoma cells to return to normal. The researchers proved that the human embryonic stem cell (hESC) microenvironment can "teach" malignant cancer cells, and these "educated" melanoma cells are significantly less aggressive.

These observations indicate that it is possible to use factors isolated from the hESC microenvironment to affect the fate of tumors and use them to reverse the carcinogenicity of metastatic tumor cells. The results of the study were published in the online version of Stem Cells magazine on November 17. The leader of the research is Hendrix.

Because human embryonic stem cells can form a variety of normal cell types, Hendrix and her colleagues used a unique three-dimensional model to test whether the microenvironment that supports human embryonic stem cells can affect the behavior of human metastatic melanoma cells. This model was invented by Hendrix's laboratory. It consists of a three-dimensional collagen matrix pretreated with hESC. The metastatic melanoma cells were sown in this embryonic microenvironment, and then molecular and functional analysis was performed.

The research team used two different hESC cell lines to pre-treat collagen, then removed the stem cells, leaving the collagen matrix, and then planted cancer cells on this matrix. In this process, metastatic melanoma cells exposed to the hECS microenvironment expressed a melanocyte-associated protein Melan-A and formed a cell population similar to the hESC community. The melanoma cells re-educated by the hESC microenvironment are also less aggressive than normal tumor cells.

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