Analysis of the development and trend of carton packaging printing

Introduce advanced printing equipment to change the appearance of printing. Before the 1970s, the carton printing technology was quite backward. A single offset printing machine was used to print text and patterns on the box surface. If you want to print two colors, it needs to be printed twice, and then the printing surface is re-mounted on the corrugating machine, and then enter the next process of paper separation, crimping, corner cutting, slotting, and boxing. The whole process is very complicated. The printed version uses two types of hand-engraved rubber version and zinc leather version. The main problem of offset printing is that the drying speed of oil-based ink is slow, but the speed of manual paper feeding is slower, the labor intensity of workers is large, and oil-based ink must be cleaned with gasoline to cause pollution. This process has been completely eliminated. In the early 1980s, China's carton machinery industry imitated Japanese water-based printing and slotting machines. At that time, single and double printing slotting machines were generally manufactured.

By the 1990s, carton companies generally used water-based printing and slotting machines. This is a major technological revolution in carton printing in China, and the first leap in the development of carton printing technology. Absorbing advanced international carton printing technology and creatively developing printing machinery and equipment. In the late 1990s, as I went through the rapid development of the corrugated carton industry, I introduced France, the United States, Japan, Germany and Taiwan water-based printing die-cutting to international advanced printing technology countries Because Taiwan equipment occupies an absolute advantage in the Chinese market, especially Guangdong is basically Taiwan equipment, during this period, technical experts in China ’s carton machinery industry have gone to advanced countries to study and inspect, combined with China ’s actual situation to absorb, improve and innovate Develop China's printing technology and printing equipment. And adopt the Chinese and foreign technical cooperation to manufacture the latest generation of water-based printing die-cutting machine and water-based printing slotting machine in China. The State Property Office granted eight patents. The products sell well in more than 30 domestic box markets and have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

The lower printing machine adopts computer control, leading edge paper feeding, printing vacuum absorption transmission, rubber roller and double scraper compatible scraping volume, sparseness, precision linear guide rail traverse system in the slotting section, constant displacement in the die cutting section, automatic speed difference Compensation to ensure consistent speed. The entire transmission connection uses a chain-free connection to ensure transmission accuracy for a long time. It represents the second leap in China's printing machinery and equipment, providing high-speed, high-efficiency and high-precision printing machinery for China's carton printing.

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