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With the rapid development of the food industry, the food packaging industry is also rapidly expanding. At present, the packaging materials for food bottles are: glass, plastics, PET... At present, PET plastic bottles are the most commonly used materials for beverage packaging. When you go to the supermarket, you can find drinks such as blended oil, Coca-Cola, unified green tea, mineral water, and latte. Both are using plastic bottles of this PET material.

It is understood that PET plastic bottle material is easily deformed when the temperature reaches 70 °C , and it will produce heavy metal barium, which is a kind of carcinogen and harmful to the human body.    
As an unavoidable element in the plastics process, yttrium is insignificant in its content and does not affect the human body. However, if the intake is excessive, it will cause cancer. There is no clear indicator in the plastic bottle, so we must choose the date when the related PET plastic bottle material is used for packaging beverages. The storage conditions are good. Drink it as soon as possible and do not store it for a long time.锑 will be transferred from the package to the beverage over a long period of storage. Into our body.

Documents Enclosed Envelopes:

Clear Packing List Envelops

Clear packing list envelopes can be used with documents such as packing slips, invoices, warranty information, operating instructions, wiring diagrams, manifest logs and more. With strong adhesive backing these clear packaging list envelopes stick to cardboard, plastic, wood, glass, and metal.


Packing list enclosed

These envelopes are specifically designed for enclosing a packing slip with a shipment. Printed on a high visibility orange background choose between: Panel style or Full face; and side, back or top loading packing slips.


Invoice Enclosed

Do you include invoices with your shipment? By using invoice enclosed packing list envelopes you can be assured these important papers are received by the recipient of your package. Printed on a high visibility orange backgrounds choose from either a panel or full face print with invoice enclosed clearly marked.


Packing and Invoice Enclosed

With these packing slip envelopes you have the flexibility to include both pack list and invoices with a shipment. Packing and invoice enclosed envelopes are offered in both panel and full face styles, and they are printed with bright orange making sure they get noticed with your shipment.


MSDS Packing List Envelopes

Do you ship items that have Material Safety Data Sheets included? Printed with high visibility red, MSDS packing slip envelopes are designed to make sure recipients can easily locate instructions for safe use and potential hazards associated with a particular material or product.


Specialty Packing List Envelopes

No matter if you have a shipment that has instructions, warranty information, export documents, or important papers we offer special packing list envelopes suited for your specific application. 

Packing List Envelope

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