Fire board product characteristics

1. Thermal insulation (0.11 thermal conductivity): its insulation and heat insulation is six times that of glass, three times that of clay, and ten times that of ordinary concrete.

2, light weight and high strength (specific gravity 0.5): 1/4 of ordinary concrete, 1/3 of clay brick, lighter than water, and wood equivalent; cubic compressive strength ≥ 4mpa. In particular, the use of ALC panels as a retaining structure in steel structure engineering can give full play to its advantages of light weight, high strength, good ductility and strong seismic resistance.

3, refractory, flame retardant (wall plate - 4 hours fire): aerated concrete is inorganic, will not burn, and will not produce harmful gases at high temperatures; at the same time, aerated concrete has a small thermal conductivity, which makes heat Slow migration can effectively resist fires and protect their structure from fire.

4, processing methods: can be sawed, drillable, grindable, nailable, more easily reflect the design intent;

5, sound absorption, sound insulation: with its thickness can reduce the noise of 30 ~ 50 decibels;

6. Adapt to load: wind load, snow load and dynamic load.

7. Durable: ALC board is a kind of silicate material. It has no aging problem and is not easy to weather. It is a durable building material, and its normal service life can match the life of various permanent buildings. .

8, green materials: ALC board is not radioactive, and no harmful substances spilled. Advantages of aerated concrete fireproof panels: no pollution and hazardous waste are produced during the production process. When used, there is absolutely no radioactive material or harmful gas generated, even at high temperatures and in fire. Each individual microbubble gives the aerated concrete product a certain impermeability and prevents the penetration of water and gas.

9. Economy: It can increase the use area, reduce the cost of foundations, shorten the construction period, reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning, and achieve energy-saving effects.

10. Convenient construction: Aerated concrete products are accurate in size and light in weight, which can greatly reduce human and material input. The dry construction method is often used in the installation of the plates, the process is simple and the efficiency is high, and the construction period can be effectively shortened.

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