Food Packaging Method Database (Chinese)

2. Preventing contamination by microorganisms and dust During the process of being manufactured and consumed by consumers, there are many opportunities for contact with human hands, various tools, and air. They are easily contaminated by microorganisms and dust, and consumers are seriously contaminated. Food will cause food poisoning. To this end, necessary packaging is used to prevent secondary contamination of food. In addition, consumers are paying more and more attention to the safety of foods. Sanitary packaged foods can give consumers a sense of security.
3. To rationalize and speed up food production 4. To facilitate the transportation and distribution of food After reasonable packaging, it can simplify the transportation conditions, tools, and extend the shelf life so that the circulation of transport can be carried out as planned.
5. Improving the value of food products Like other products placed in stores, packaging plays an important role in sales.
Fourth, the study of various types of food packaging methods Through the study of food packaging methods, summed up several of the more common methods, namely: vacuum packaging methods, inflatable packaging methods, aseptic packaging, shrink packaging, stretch packaging, Quick-frozen packaging, moisture-proof packaging, blister packaging, etc., due to the variety of food, different types of food, due to the different components therein, the atmospheric environment of the oxygen, temperature, humidity, ultraviolet light and bacteria and other factors are also different sensitivity Therefore, in order to protect food, different packaging methods are needed.
V. Program Development Environment Before the development of the program, it is very important to carefully select the operating system and the main programming language. This article uses the FOXPRO2.5.FOXPRO system introduced by the United States FOXSOFTWARE company is characterized by a new relational database management system, with powerful Performance, unmatched speed, simple data access methods, complete Xbase language, good compatibility, unique cross-platform features and true compileability make the system the fastest and most perfect database system.
Sixth, the design idea of ​​the food packaging method database The first problem of the food packaging method database design is to establish the data elements. To this end, the decomposition mechanism of the food should be analyzed. During the process of production, transportation, processing, storage and sales, the food will be affected. The qualitative changes caused by the influence of various factors can be summed up as two types of biological corruption and non-biological corruption.
The corruption of organisms is caused by the normal aging process of the fresh food itself. On the other hand, it is due to the destruction of microorganisms caused by the destruction of bacteria, molds, yeasts, etc. during the storage process, especially when environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, oxygen, and light contribute to the growth of microorganisms. Become faster and more serious.
Non-living is the cause of its corruption, not caused by microbes but caused by the inherent causes of the food itself. The external factors play only the role of inducing catalysis and promotion. The types, characteristics and extremes of food are various. Since it is composed of chemical substances with different compositions and properties, there is bound to be the possibility of chemical and physical changes. It may not be constant forever. (to be continued)

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