Reform and Application of Examination System for Large-scale General Basic Courses under Network Information Platform

Jia Yuhong
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing 100191

Abstract: According to the practice of the reform of the national excellent course Introduction to Aerospace Examination, the existing problems of the traditional examination model and the necessity of the computer network examination are analyzed. Fairness, scientificity and practicality.
Keywords: construction of quality courses; examination reform; network examination system

The 21st century is an era of informatization and networking. The rapid development of network information technology has injected new vitality into the educational cause, and it has also brought vitality to the educational cause. The application of multimedia technology, the emergence of networked education platform, and the promotion of paperless computer examination system have brought about significant changes in the course construction, and also made the construction of quality courses to a new level. Among the many links in the construction of quality courses, the reform of the examination system has always been the difficulty of curriculum construction and teaching reform, and it is also easily overlooked by the builders. The development of informatization and network technology has provided an unprecedented opportunity for the reform of the examination system, and also created good conditions for the smooth progress of the examination reform.

1 Challenges faced by traditional examination models

Traditional exams are generally divided into 5 steps, namely teacher questions, candidate exams, teacher examination papers, score summary and exam analysis. According to the requirements of quality courses, the examination should be separated from the examination, that is, the teachers who take the class do not participate in the examination questions, and the examination questions must be completed by the teachers who are not in the semester. Although the teacher who produced the question can provide the test paper that meets the requirements in accordance with the requirements of the syllabus, it is inevitable that there will be problems such as small number of questions, easy to miss questions, incomplete coverage, current affairs, weak times, etc .; In many links, confidentiality is not well guaranteed. Candidate exams cause a lot of trouble for proctors due to the same questions. Although the A and B exams can be used, it is inevitable that individual students will collude and cheat, which is difficult to be fair and just. After the exam, teachers have a lot of work to check the papers, and they are required to complete the work in a short period of time. Teachers are in an overloaded work state, so it is difficult to be accurate and make no mistakes. Examination analysis requires teachers to summarize according to the examination results and the distribution of scores. The workload is heavy and the work is not easy to operate. Since there is no strict and unified evaluation criteria, the analysis is not scientific enough.

With the development of computer technology and network technology and the continuous improvement of examination requirements, the conditions for computer network examinations are becoming more and more mature. As a state-level boutique course, Introduction to Aerospace As a leading and demonstration role in curriculum construction, according to the needs of the curriculum , Took the lead in reforming the examination format.

2 Necessity of computer network examination system

Introduction to Aerospace has undergone many reforms in the course of building quality courses, and has also achieved a number of impressive results. For example, it has won the first prize of Beijing ’s teaching achievements in the reform of the teaching system; The textbook is listed as the national "Eleventh Five-Year" planning textbook and rated as an excellent professional textbook for national defense; won the school-level teaching achievement award in the construction of multimedia courseware and network teaching platform; won the "first school-level" Excellent teaching and educating team ". Over the past few years, curriculum construction has achieved good results in terms of teaching methods, teaching methods, textbook reform, and teachers. However, due to various conditions, the examination system has been using traditional examination methods for many years. In view of the shortcomings of traditional examinations, in the course of building quality courses, the reform of the examination system has always been a major issue that the curriculum group is committed to solving.

Introduction to aerospace is a compulsory course for the whole school. There are many students taking classes and exams every semester, with an average of about 2700 people per semester. The workload of marking papers is large, with an average of more than 500 copies per teacher. In the exam, the papers A and B are used, and a total of 3 papers in the make-up exam are added. Because the whole school has to take exams at the same time, there are hundreds of teachers and teachers in the Office of Academic Affairs each time, and more than 30 exam rooms need to be arranged. The arrangement of the teacher in charge is a big problem. At the same time, the examination also constitutes a contradiction in the use of the classroom, and the examination time is greatly restricted.

In order to alleviate the cumbersome work flow of the organization test questions, printed test papers, organization exams, proctoring cheating prevention, scores, statistical results, etc. required by the traditional exams, the Aerospace Introduction Program plans to use a computer exam system The whole process is realized with the help of computer network, which greatly improves the safety of the examination and the scientific nature of the examination method. Modernization of education requires modernization of examinations. The computer examination fundamentally solves the above problems, making the examination reform a breakthrough.

3 Functional characteristics of computer examination system

The computer test system ensures the fairness and fairness of the test by encrypting the test questions, test papers, scores and candidate information. The computer examination system can easily achieve random selection of questions according to different levels of difficulty and different knowledge points, which not only ensures the requirements of the syllabus, comprehensively assesses the teaching content, but also effectively prevents cheating by students. At the same time, teachers can collect and produce a large number of test questions based on the usual accumulation of the wisdom of the body to form a large number of test questions with full coverage, knowledge points, and key points. Moreover, the tedious assessment work after the exam can be undertaken by the computer, and the weak links in teaching can be effectively tested and analyzed through the computer, thereby greatly reducing the teacher's labor intensity and workload.

The computer exam can also make the types of exam questions more abundant and diverse.The aerospace introduction course is characterized by a large amount of information, many pictures, and fast knowledge update.The computer exam can upload colorful pictures and videos, and update the exam content in time to make the exam method. And content is more easily accepted by students, thereby stimulating students 'enthusiasm for learning, expanding knowledge, enhancing students' active learning ability, and comprehensively improving teaching quality.

Therefore, the computer test system integrates network question preparation, online examination, online self-test, real-time evaluation, and examination score analysis and evaluation, which can greatly improve the efficiency of teaching and examination question papers, and timely feedback the teaching effect. The system has a complete evaluation index system, so that teachers can quickly understand the students' answer results and knowledge points through the statistical information fed back by the system and the quantitative analysis of exam results, help teachers grasp the key points and difficulties, and make the next step in time Teaching adjustments and arrangements; students can master self-diagnosis through online examinations and synchronous training to find out the knowledge and timely add up, and also provide students with a means of self-learning and self-examination. The examination system can be used not only for mid-term and final exams, but also for classroom training, staged comprehensive tests, student self-tests, and knowledge competitions.It is an important measure to further improve the learning effect of students and is also an important content of the construction of quality courses .

4 Design and application of computer examination system

The computer network exam consists of the following modules:

(1) Question bank management module: The question bank management module includes sub-functions such as entry of test questions, classification of test questions, and update of test questions. Examination questions can be entered in a centralized manner or at any time. Centralised entry allows teachers to use Execl and other forms of data to import into the examination system, and entry at any time allows teachers to temporarily add and modify current affairs examination questions. The test questions in the question bank are classified and managed according to different knowledge points, question types, and difficulty. Technology to ensure the randomness of test questions and the comprehensiveness of test questions. The question bank update can add, delete and modify the questions in the question bank according to the change of teaching content and the development of aerospace technology. In order to ensure the timeliness and advanced nature of the examination content.

(2) Candidate management module: Candidate management module provides various functions related to candidates, such as candidate name, class, student number, gender and other related information, and generates verification information when logging in to the exam to ensure the uniqueness of the reference candidate. Candidates can log in only after the administrator has entered the candidate's personal information into the database. Due to the large amount of information of candidates, you can use Execl, Access and other forms of data to import into the examination system.

The test system can display the generated test questions on the screen with a simple and friendly interface.The test notes are marked on the left side of the screen with highlighted fonts.The test interface can enable candidates to complete without the help of anyone Exams, candidates can easily operate in the entire exam process, focus on answering questions.

During the examination process, candidates can have three chances to draw questions within the specified time (as shown in Figure 1), and choose one test paper that they think is the most suitable for answering the question; the test questions are different for different candidates. After the test is completed, the test results are given immediately. For candidates who have questions about the test results, it is allowed to view their answer sheets according to the relevant regulations, check the question selection of the test paper, and the candidates' answers and right and wrong conditions when checking the answer sheets (see Figure 2 ).

Reform and Application of Examination System for Large-scale General Basic Courses under Network Information Platform

Figure 1 Exam questions have multiple choice opportunities
Reform and Application of Examination System for Large-scale General Basic Courses under Network Information Platform

Figure 2 Student answer sheets saved by the system after the exam

(3) Data statistics module: The test scores are generated immediately in the unit of class after the test (as shown in Figure 3). The data statistics module is responsible for counting the overall scores of the candidates, the highest and lowest scores of the candidates, and the number of people in each score segment , Average score, etc., and graphically show the distribution of candidates in each score segment, as well as the distribution of candidate results (as shown in Figure 4). The data statistics module can also give the test taker's scores and answering questions in the form of a table or file for the record, for the record.

Reform and Application of Examination System for Large-scale General Basic Courses under Network Information Platform

Figure 3 Exam results generated after the exam
Reform and Application of Examination System for Large-scale General Basic Courses under Network Information Platform

Figure 4 Distribution of candidates' scores

(4) Scoring and evaluation module: The scoring module compares the answer and scoring criteria of the question one by one according to the candidate's choice and answer, and gives the candidate's score quickly and accurately. The exam assessment module evaluates the exam situation in real time based on the student's exam scores, gives students the knowledge of the knowledge, understands the students' focus on knowledge, the difficulty of the exam and the distribution of scores, so that teachers can adjust the teaching plan.

The above modules of the examination system enable the examination to have basic functions such as automatic test paper formation, computer paper examination, score statistics, automatic provision of student transcripts, and automatic analysis of examinations, etc., so that teachers can truly be freed from the tedious work of producing and evaluating papers.

5 Conclusion

With the rapid development of informatization and networking, the application of computer examination system has been promoted. At present, the aerospace introduction course group has achieved certain results and accumulated some experience in the computer examination, and the reform practice of the examination system has also been generally approved by the majority of lecturers and students. With the development of network technology and the universal application of computer technology, as a product of information technology, convenient and fast computer exams will surely become an important development direction of exam reform.


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