Holy rose make-up

Rose is a symbol of romance. It blooms quietly with its unique fragrance and beauty. It meets with the rain and fog, and it bursts with strange brilliance. These fresh rose mists lie in your memory. in. Because the rose is gradually applied to the makeup .

Holy rose make-up

Holy rose make-up

Swinging fresh

Makeup Tip: The makeup is inspired by the yellow rose. For our yellow skin, the bright yellow color is certainly not suitable, so the makeup artist used pink and yellow to paint the eyeshadow, which made the makeup look fresh and delicate. Because this makeup is more suitable for young and perfect skin, so the blush scan can also be exaggerated, the cheeks of the blush make the makeup look a lot more cute.

Spreading holiness

Makeup Tip: The makeup is inspired by the white rose. The makeup artist uses the clear color of pink and blue as the main color of the eye shadow, which highlights the sensation of the subject of holiness. Eyeliner is another key point of eye makeup - the eyeliner that is lifted at the end of the eye is also designed to create a high personality. The faint pink on the cheeks, combined with the translucent lip color, are the elements of this summer's popular make-up.

Wake up

Makeup Tip: The makeup is inspired by the red rose. Rose red is the main theme of this makeup, but pay attention to its sense of expansion, so in the eye shadow, blush painting techniques are used line-type scanning. The modification of the eyelashes is the finishing touch of this makeup. The exaggerated false eyelashes give the makeup a classic charm, especially suitable for the black eyes of oriental beauty.

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