The stylist Xiao P teaches you to be a trendy boy.

Xiao P is a well-known stylist who has worked as a special stylist for famous artists such as S, Cai Kangyong and Huang Xiaoming. He often designs for large-scale activities and large-scale parties on both sides of the strait, and has long cooperated with world-renowned brands to serve as the "Beautiful Beauty" program. The guest is a full-fledged star stylist. A few days ago, Xiao P launched the stylist book "The Boyfriend Password" written for men, which has won the enthusiasm of many trendy men.
Little P teaches mediocrity men to promote the tide
The tide male standard is too much to pursue a single product, just a fake tide male
Reporter: How do you understand the "influx of men"?
Xiao P: I don't think that the hipster is related to what brand of clothes you wear. It has nothing to do with the appearance of the body. He is the embodiment of life attitude and lifestyle. It is too superficial only by clothing. Those who only copy other people's styling can only be regarded as fake tide men.
Reporter: What are the minefields of Chaojin? Can you give me a finger?
Xiao P: First, I am too much in pursuit of single items. As I just said, I simply linked the trend items to the trendy men, thinking that this piece is a symbol of the tide, so it is not right. The second is to imitate the star too much. When you see a star, you can imitate it. This will always be an imitator. It will not create your own style, nor will it become a real hipster. We should find the trend point from the street shooting of the stars, European and American stars, and then integrate the clothing items in our closet to assemble their own fashion. Before deciding to buy a piece of clothing, you should be able to buy this. A piece of clothing can be combined with 5 sets of different dresses in your wardrobe, so it is worth buying.
It’s the “face” detail after the fashion men’s step costumes.
Reporter: The ordinary man is going to be promoted to a trendy man. Is there any cheat?
Small P: The focus of the boys on the styling is generally to pick the costumes first, then care about the hairstyle, and finally take care of the skin. Therefore, to be promoted to a trendy man, the first is clothing, you can change from clothing first, this will be the biggest change.
The second is the hairstyle. The personality of a different hairstyle will change immediately. In general, it is not difficult to create a style that is suitable for the styling products and the skillful and skillful way.
The third is face. To master the correct maintenance concept and a few simple steps, you will find that men's skin care is actually very simple. The last type is the details, this trick is also the most easily overlooked, but the most representative of the temperament, such as the beard, eyebrow nails and other details of the decoration, as well as the use of perfume, etc., belong to this style.
Reporter: Many men do not have a lot of good feelings about skin care now. I am afraid that they will be said to be very "mother". How can I avoid this kind of white face?
Xiao P: I put the skin care in the end, and also take into account the habits of men. In fact, the skin care is not too much. Generally speaking, the key point of men's skin care is: cleaning is the most important, followed by keeping the skin moisturized according to the type of skin. Finally, I learned to strengthen the skin's self-repairing ability, so that naturally there is a good skin.
If it is simpler, it is the men's daily cleansing --- toner -- the basic steps of the lotion can be used. As for whether to use sunscreen or anti-aging products, you should follow your own preferences, not too much. The psychological burden.
Reporter: Nowadays, more and more men are beginning to like rich colors and patterns. What advice do you have for them?
Small P: This season, popular color and flower pattern costumes, if the boys want to try, the first try may wish to start from a small proportion, such as bags, shoes and so on.
>>> Teach you to dress up
T-shirt selection version attention attention to details
T-shirts don't require too much matching skills, and you can wear youthful jeans or Bermuda shorts to be youthful and invincible. However, if you want to put the taste of ordinary T-shirts into the trend, besides not choosing the wrong type, material, pattern, or even the details of the neckline, cuffs, and car line, you should pay attention to the Dsquared and D&G T-shirts. The tailoring is most suitable for muscular men, and the inverted triangle is more prominent. The T-shirts of these two brands are also secretly shortened a bit, which will make you reveal the men's little sexy inadvertently.
POLO shirt stand up collar and play handsome
The POLO shirt is between the casual T-shirt and the formal shirt. It is recommended to put the collar of the POLO shirt on the jeans. It is a very handsome dress. It can also be worn with a khaki Bermuda shorts to create an American aristocrat. Casual feeling; or a POLO shirt with a more formal tie or bow tie to create a fresh campus style - if you want to match this, pay attention to the choice of bow tie or tie, can not choose too formal fabric, knitted material Will be more tide.
The vest is a small boy who prefers ultra short
I think that the vest belongs to a kind of item that can make all the clothes that you wear in the closet come back to life. Its popular feeling is simply a hand-in-hand, and the casual combination can reflect the elegant taste and gentleman's temperament. When picking the vest, pay attention to it. The width of the shoulders, the tightness of the chest and the length of the hem, the ultra-short vest is a good partner for the little boys.
>>> On-site Q & A fat man can try a wide version of bright color
Ask the reader: Cao Hua, male, 30 years old, website designer
Q: I belong to a boy with a fat body. Does the small P teacher have any better suggestions for fat men?
A: First of all, you must understand that fat and thin tides don't have much to do with each other, but if you want to change tide, you must first clean and make yourself look clean, especially fat boys, because the fat is easy to feel. To be greasy, so cleaning is very important, but also to avoid body odor, you can use some perfume.
When choosing a single item, if fat is a sign that you can't replace, you can also learn American men. Many of them are of a fat type. They will choose some wide-format, bright-colored clothing to dress themselves up. not bad. If you want to be thinner, you can choose some shrink colors. The texture of the clothes is quite stiff. The most taboo thing for fat people is to wear some soft and close-fitting clothing, such as silk close-fitting clothing. The characteristics of fat are completely exposed.

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