Two important common sense of wine corks

The difference between the whole cork and the broken cork

Generally speaking, if a bottle of wine uses wood as a cork, it should be a bit of a quality wine, because the cork of the whole wood has a small pore, while the better wine still needs a trace amount of oxygen to mature in the bottle. The micro-breathable cork helps the wine breathe. If the cork is a combination of pieces of wood, it is usually an ordinary wine, drink it as soon as possible after buying it. In recent years there have been cork stoppers glued with fine powder. The advantage of this stopper is that it is not easy to leak wine and is suitable for long-distance transportation of wine. It is generally used for ordinary and mid-range wines. These words are not necessarily suitable for all wines, but they are common sense.

The difference in the length of the cork

People who drink regularly will find that some plugs are long and some have short plugs. This long plug often grows by a quarter more than a conventional plug. The stoppers are generally good wines and they are all cork stoppers. This wine has at least five years of aging potential. If you drink in advance, it must be sober. Because the long cork must be more expensive than the short one, the long-term bottle of wine will penetrate the cork, and the long storage will be even more insured. This long-stop cork is used in traditional wine-producing countries in Europe. the Lord. It doesn't need to spend more money on long corks than you can drink without aging.

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