Guizhou: Wine bottle packaging is inconsistent with the development of the wine industry

Leaders of companies such as Jinghua and Fujian-Taiwan Wine Co., Ltd. said that in Shenzhen, Zhejiang and other places, packaging companies are very concentrated, and even in a street, they can achieve "through-train" such as design, proofing and printing, but they cannot do so in Guizhou. . “Our wine bottles are all sourced in Hunan. Sometimes we need to make orders 95 days in advance. Even so we are willing to wait. The reason is that their quality is very good!” said a person in charge of five-star liquor in Renhuai City. As many as 300,000 white wines are packaged and sold, and the bottles are mainly purchased in Hunan and Sichuan. The printed materials are generally purchased in Shenzhen and Zhejiang, and only the outer packagings are purchased in Guizhou Province.

   “It is not only time-consuming to make bottle packaging in the field, but also increase the cost and increase the burden on the company.” Many entrepreneurs said that they very much hope to customize the bottle packaging in Guizhou, and hope to have a design and proofing in Renhuai. Production line.

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