Lipstick is also an art investment?

When is the lipstick a patent for a mature woman? However, take a look at Giorgio Armani's latest commercial film, Sasha, painted a classic color lipstick, emulating the 50s goddess Monroe, but exudes the unique charm of innocence and temptation, so that you are re-exploring the classics of lipstick charm.

I feel that the gloss of lipstick is not as rich as lip gloss?

Lancome's limited-edition LUCICOLOR FEVER SHINE is a new structural color technology that can be applied alone or in combination with other shades of lipstick as a base color for the lipstick. The color of the lipstick creates a metallic sensation; as the top lip color, it gives the underlying lipstick the most dazzling gleam. Inspired by colored glaze, ShuUemura has launched the Colorless Lipstick Pearlescent Series, which creates a refreshing radiance with three different glossy particles of illusion pearls. Purely reflecting the color, creating natural shimmering pearlescent particles; high-gloss particles, creating a crystal-like radiance; rainbow light particles, reflecting different color spectrum, any angle will be like a broken diamond to refract different light. Givenchy emphasizes light-trapping recipes, and two stunning pearlescent particles, Wondershine and Puresparkle, combine liquid crystal technology to make colors more dynamic.

Hate the thick waxy taste of lipstick?

The 10 experts in the research and development department of Estee Lauder have experienced the longest lipstick development time in history - 1500 hours. The latest style of matching method creates the flowing gold enamel moisturizing lipstick, using the newly developed synthetic wax as the base material, excellent gel. Formulated with the highest quality ester emulsifiers and the luxurious blend of oils used in lip gloss – soft gel, not only makes the lipstick softer, but also changes the waxy odor of traditional formula lipsticks.

Looking forward to a more lasting moisturizing experience?

Dry, it is a hard wound of lipstick, not only the skin of the lips, but also the glossiness and coloration of the lipstick itself. The lip balm that does not reach the ideal formula will always make you feel why the lip color is applied after the application. It looks so dull. The latest lipstick formula has increased the overall water retention effect to 6 hours. Shu Uemura's researchers added water-storing molecules to the paste to continuously deliver moisture to the lips, avoiding the dullness of the lipstick. The silky formula of Benefit Smoothing Lip Balm uses a lot of moisturizing ingredients of jojoba oil, beeswax, soybean oil and vitamin E to ensure the lips are full of water. L'oreal Moisturizing Lip Balm Runle Affinity Series helps to moisturize dry lips by improving the size of the wax formula and helping the cream to melt into the lips.

Lipstick is also an art investment?

D ior, Chanel, Gi ve nc hy, Guerlain's recent packaging revolution, let lipstick and perfume have the same artistic investment. Guerlain invited jewelry designer HervéVan der Straeten to design the lipstick, selected Guerlain's most classic gold, each section is smoothed by hand and can't help but want to touch it, with the weight of light hair, it will be extremely feminine Luxury elements are combined, as Olivier Echaudemaison said: “This is a weapon that particularly tempts men, but some women have a feeling of restraint about it.” And the new design breaks this cramped feeling. .

Chanel's once-inspired topic of RougeAllure glamorous lipstick, the revolutionary makeup method is even more exciting. Just use the golden top when you use it. The golden inner sheath will pop up with a slight click of the “click”, and the lipstick with the Chanel logo will appear immediately. After the use of the collection, it is also the same simple action, gently press it into the sheath. The familiar makeup method has since become a source of surprise.

Givenchy's Rouge Interdit is also a work of art. The ribbon decoration on the top of the lipstick is the key to unlocking the mystery, and its magic awakens the unstoppable desire. It makes color a forbidden fruit, and it is not to be taken prisoner.

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