Charming eyelash tips

The thick curled eyelashes can be said to be the magic weapon of the fascinating "electric eye". Fortunately, please come to the beauty person to let them reveal the secrets of eyelashes . Interested readers can not be missed, this is their experience.

The first step: learn to use the eyelash curler correctly

The person Liu Yizhen is a shopping guide for cosmetics. She thinks that to make the eyelashes become more attractive, the most basic thing is to learn to use the eyelash curler correctly. “Many women will find that lashes are a technical activity, it is difficult to produce results, and accidentally hurts the lashes.” How can I safely use the eyelash curler to make the lashes look pretty? When using the eyelash curler, be sure to first clip the middle part of the eyelashes, then clip the roots and tips of the eyelashes; for each part, hold the clips three times in a row; to make the eyelashes roll more, each time you use force, Also pay attention to the hand up.

Many girls encounter a problem when they put on the eyelashes, that is, the width of the eyelash curler is not enough, so that the eyelashes at the end of the eye and the end of the eye are not caught. Some people will choose to re-clip them in these two parts. . "This is actually not necessary." Yang Ling believes that if the eyelash curler can not clip all the eyelashes, the remaining part can be remedied with mascara. If it is re-clamped, once it is not properly operated, it is very It may make the curvature of the eyelashes inconsistent, but affect the overall effect.

The second step: sticking false eyelashes can be more stressful

After the eyelashes are clipped, the next step is to stick the false eyelashes, and this step is equally ambiguous. "If the false eyelashes are used directly, it is a bit exaggerated for the makeup of life, so we can do a treatment on the false eyelashes first." Daren Sun Minjia revealed to the reporter a make-up makeup, which is to cut the false eyelashes first. In a few paragraphs, then, one by one, stick to it, use this method to stick false eyelashes, not only the amount will be half of the method of direct adhesion, but also the effect is more natural. You can stick more or less depending on the thickness of your eyelashes or depending on the occasion.

The third step: choose mascara

“It’s very important to choose mascara.” Liu Yizhen took out two mascaras and tried it out. She suggested that you must try mascara when you buy it. First, you should check if the paste is not smooth enough. If it is too dry, it is not easy to brush it up. Then try to see if the mascara brush is good, especially pay attention to it. When you try it out, you must try the upper and lower eyelashes. Some brush heads are difficult to brush the eyelashes. Nowadays, there are many brands of mascara that have the effect of lengthening the eyelashes and increasing the density. It must be compared, and in the trial, the eyelashes should not be clipped with the eyelash curler. It can be used directly. It is best to see that the effect of mascara is good. it is good.

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