Different classifications from raw materials to modeling ceramic packaging containers

The ceramic packaging container is a packaging container made of clay as the main raw material, and is made by batching, making blanks, drying and melting. Ceramic packaging containers can generally be classified as follows:

(1) Classification according to all raw materials

1 stoneware. Its raw material is mainly sandy clay containing more impurities. It is rough, porous, rough surface, dark color, porosity and water absorption. After the surface glaze can be used as a packaging container, mainly used as a pottery.

2 fine pottery. Its raw material is mainly clay. The body is white, fine in texture, coarse in pottery, and has a low porosity and water absorption. Commonly used as pots, pottery jars and pottery jars.

3 devices. Also called semi-ceramics, its main raw material is clay or china clay. Its compact body is completely sintered, but it is not yet fully vitrified and does not absorb water. According to its texture, it can be divided into two types: rough boring device and fine boring device. It is often used as a pottery jar, pottery vat, etc.

4 porcelain. Its raw materials are mainly pure white porcelain. Is the best texture of the container, it is dense, white, smooth surface, the body is completely sintered, fully vitrified, very low water absorption, good barrier to liquids and gases, mainly used as porcelain bottles.

(2) Sort by model

1 cylinder. This is a kind of large container, it is large and small, inside and outside glazing, can be used for packaging preserved eggs, salted eggs and so on.

2 altars. This type of container also has a large capacity. Some altars have earrings on one side or on both sides for easy handling. Multiple sets of wicker baskets and Vitex baskets are used on the outside of the altar to act as a buffer. Used to package sulfuric acid, soy sauce, pickles and so on.

3 cans. Its capacity is smaller than that of altars. It has a flat mouth and a small mouth. Glazing is used internally and externally. It is often used for the packaging of fermented bean curd and pickles.

4 bottles. This is a large amount of packaging containers in ceramic containers, its unique shape, simple and elegant, exquisite designs, bright glaze, mainly for high-level wine packaging.

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