Trademark Design Knowledge Collection--Overview of Trade Marks (5)

Section 4 Types of Trademark Marks

The trademark mark is mainly composed of two major elements: text and graphics. The use of different elements or a combination of the two is the basis for the formation of trademark marks, and derives therefrom different types of trademark marks. Text-type trademark marks include Chinese characters trademark marks and Latin-type trademark marks; graphic-type trademark marks include figurative graphic trademark marks and abstract graphic trademark marks; and combination of words and drawings constitutes a comprehensive type of trademark mark with many forms of expression. These three categories of trademark marks will be discussed one by one in the following chapters.

Normal align=left> Chinese characters have a long history, and the shape of Chinese characters is actually a pictorial form developed from hieroglyphics. In ancient times, the oracle bone-shaped hieroglyphs were made in the form of images. After more than a thousand years of evolution, modern texts are much different than Oracle's. However, the various structures of the text are still in conformity with the rules of imagery. The trademark logo with the theme of Chinese characters has a long history and is unique in many forms of trademarks and logos.

Normal align=left> Use Chinese characters to design a trademark. The logo should take advantage of the characters, meaning, and sounds of Chinese characters, as well as the characteristics of collection, meaning, and sound, and grasp the specific literal features and structure of the body. The use of formal beauty rules can be used to design both images. The beauty of the United States and the beauty of the form are in line with the features of modern styling and are in keeping with the symbol of the theme.