The xtend system helps you achieve unlimited possibilities

The recent success of the Xtend system, a product of the German hhs Dispensing Systems Co., Ltd., reflects the current market needs for efficient, easy-to-use, and more importantly, versatile dispensing and quality monitoring systems. Mr. Nadeem Jadon, president of hhs rubber spraying system company in the United Kingdom, said: “I think that what the carton manufacturers see through Xtend is a system that can not only handle all the work at hand, but also learn from these jobs and gain their own progress. This is reflected both in the new market and in the face of stricter requirements imposed on the bonding performance of existing work."

The Xtend system uses a plug-and-play architecture, which means that users can choose from a large number of adhesive spray and on-line inspection devices and ensure that the system works smoothly and stably. “Many systems on the market are large systems that assemble many functions together,” explains Jadon. “Xtend is not the same. It connects the components the user needs through a cost-effective and versatile bus system, and it You can add components based on changes in user requirements."

Excellent performance makes Xtend stand out

Staff at the Field Packaging plant in East Kilbride, Scotland, was looking for a new system to replace five existing gluing machines. The versatility of Xtend was one of the reasons that attracted them. Jim Hemple, Product Manager, recalled: “The scalability of the system is the most important factor for us. We are engaged in complex multi-point bonding work, and our designers have repeatedly extended the application of the paper box. This means that we do not Knowing that this line needs to be equipped with other devices in the past two years, we are very much looking at whether the re-equipment will enable us to meet the challenges of the future."

The factory wants to achieve some goals through this investment. Mr. Hemple said: “The main reason is to find a glue dispensing system that can use the same high viscosity adhesives for multi-point and side seals. Many of the paperboards we process are gram-weight composite paperboards, offset printing. Composite paperboard and Metpol paperboard, so high-viscosity adhesives will give us better adhesion. If we can find a system like this, it means that our adhesive supply can be more reasonable and can reduce us Required spare supplies."

After the Field Packaging Factory screened the initial list of vendors, two suppliers remained. They rented two devices and installed a large number of comparative experiments. Mr. Hemple said: “The hhs dispensing system is very stable, even if it is five times more viscous than ordinary adhesives, it can be sprayed smoothly and smoothly. The new hhs P-500 glue gun is particularly good, and it can spray very accurately. ."

In terms of technical issues, Field Factory also believes that hhs' service support is better. “This is very important to us,” said Mr. Hemple: “We believe that the hhs team in the UK will complete the installation and operation of the Xtend system in a way that will have the least impact on our production, and I’m glad to say that this is what makes us The reason for choosing it. In fact, they have been doing a great job from planning, installation to commissioning and training."

The factory uses a flexible “customer demand decision scheduling model” to ensure that each staff member is trained at the right time so that they are fully trained before operating the equipment independently. The staff soon said they like Xtend's touch screen system because it is very easy to use. And they have a good impression of the entire hhs system. “When we use a new device, we usually run into temporary troubles in the first few weeks,” says the operator Tommy Turner. “But after we used the hhs system for half a month, I suddenly realized that we did not Any problems encountered.” The hhs company plans to continue its efforts based on previous training to ensure that the plant maintains maximum productivity and minimal downtime.

20 years of history to build a world-renowned brand

The hhs spray systems company in Kredfeld near Düsseldorf in Germany will celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2006. The company provides glue spraying systems and quality monitoring systems for cartons, corrugated boxes, packaging, tobacco, print processing and direct mail. The company employs at least 150 people worldwide and has subsidiaries in the United States, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, holding a large stake in the British subsidiary. The company’s success stems from the harmonization with the customer’s working methods and environment. For example, the company’s equipment rental service ensures that customers can produce as usual during equipment repair or maintenance.

For users, using the Xtend system means moving from a simple stand-alone spray pattern controller to a fully integrated quality monitoring line. "The versatility of Xtend is amazing!" said Jadon. It can also act as a controller for various quality monitoring systems. Quality monitoring systems are particularly important for pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers, and it is gaining popularity in other areas. The quality monitoring system includes: identifying all codes now and in the future (color codes, UPC/EAN pharmaceutical barcodes, RFID and 2D data matrix codes), monitoring side seals and nozzles, and spraying on various materials Glue monitoring, such as ULT optical inspection of Metpol paperboard surfaces.

Mr. Jadon believes that hhs's technology is very effective in quality control. “We did not use “closed-loop” technology in the inspection of the glue spray line. The quality monitoring system is expected to be able to calibrate the error on the production line. Because there are many established assumptions about using the “closed loop” technology, it is easy for the glue production line to deviate from the track. Not knowing the situation.” The hhs company started with a completely different approach, starting with the development of a high-precision spray gun (eg hhs P-500 non-contact gun). The second element of this method is the calibration system, which requires an independent system loop and a completely independent calibration of the glue and its location. Mr. Jadon explained: “Once the monitoring system detects that the dispensing accuracy is out of tolerance, the cassette is automatically removed. If the number of consecutive rejects is greater than the preset value, the system will automatically stop and prompt the operator. Where is the problem, so that there will be no error that can never be dealt with."

Since the glue application link is the final inspection opportunity before the product is delivered to the customer, Mr. Jadon pays special attention to the high-precision integrated glue dispensing system. “The visual inspection of high-speed automatic packaging machines is almost impossible. And systems such as Xtend can ensure the credibility of our customers so that they will not have the endless trouble caused by the delivery of bad carton products. Visit Ipex 2006 to visit the Xtend system. !”

Source: "Global Box Industry"

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