Climbing style and politeness

Climbed a few years, according to some of their own experience, to mention a little bit of opinion, everyone is ax.

Sometimes it is also a happy thing to climb more people together. Maybe notice some small things that will make you happier when climbing.

a) audience

1) Please do not

In most cases, the climber does not need your guidance. Of course, apart from technical discussion time.

There are many such things I have experienced: One of the following people kept shouting: "Upper left foot, sideways, stand up, there is a big point on the right side, grab, right, take a rest.....", from The start has always ended. When you are trying hard to onsight a line and are wondering where to go, there is an old man on the side of the line who is climbing up: "Here is a hand and there is a high foot....". I think at this time, you tried to hold back the only answer that didn’t say anything, “Shut up!”

Even beginners, besides being able to prompt one or two sentences besides the key, do not need to tell him how to do each action.

Third, four voices shouting at the same time will make him more confused. If you want to teach him, it may be better to wait for him to come down and explain to him or watch others climb.

Occasional cheering and cheering can encourage the climber's morale. In addition, what I did was watch the climbers silently. Give the line to the climber and let him deal with it and experience it.

2) Do not interfere with the protector

When the people above are trembling and struggling to overcome the difficulty, you take an apple that has been peeled, and you say to him that he is protecting: "Open your mouth, take a bite!" This will undoubtedly make you climb. Climb scared.

The consequences are not only psychological but also hidden in security.

If you want him to share Apple, it's best to wait for him to finish protection. Also manage your dog and don't let it pull on the rope or protect the protector's face.

3) Do not ridicule and belittle other climbers.

When everyone has started, seeing others doing awkward moves on simple lines may be what you were a few years ago.

4) Attention protection equipment

People would be irritated when they watched someone step on and step on their newly purchased rope, and threw a quick and rough one on the stone.

5) As far as protecting the environment, protecting animals, and not throwing away garbage, these are basic things and do not need to be reminded every time.

B) Climbers

1) Respect the route.

Maybe this line is too simple for you, you can choose not to climb, but it is not necessary to despise it by wearing slippers to finish it.

When you complete a route, it can be said to be simple, but improving yourself by demeaning it is not going to make it extra respectful to others.

Climbing higher difficulty and being stronger than others is a good thing to do, but be aware that there are more cattle than cattle, knowing that the pleasure of climbing is that climbing itself will make you happier.

2) Do not be too vulgar when yelling

It is said that yelling can increase the power of 20%, and some slight swear words may be acceptable. But excessive vulgar language does not increase the power to 30%.

A Chinese climber who has seen a different form of English for each movement, maybe he is showing off his high-level foreign language. But you also have to take care of the presence of ladies and children.

3) Do not rely too much on the rock

Although everybody admires your spirit of perseverance, you have to think for your protectors and others. If you can't go up, stop for a break or change your route.

Once there was a place that stayed in one place for more than an hour, it was a platform that could be very comfortable. The following shouts are also turned a deaf ear, the original is plugged in the MP3 up! I think no one will be willing to protect her for the next time.

Of course, you and your partner are exceptions to the difficulty of a line.

4) Remember to thank your protector.

Think about it, even if you stayed for an hour above, your partner is still patient under the protection of you, although the neck is a bit sour, and the back pain, but still no complaints. So while you are safely descending, it's okay to say gratitude to your partner, even if it's a well-cooked good friend.

5) Do not let strangers protect you

Of course, you are convinced that he is an experienced and qualified protector and it is not a bad idea. But people may not be willing to do so.

If your trust protector is busy, wait a minute.

c) Protectors

1) Quiet

Don't yell at the climbers all the time, except for safety tips, or occasional cheers to let him climb.

2) Concentrate

Focus on the climber. If you want to slap, tease the dog, wait until the protection is over.

3) Do not take the initiative to protect strangers

Do not do it if it is not necessary. After all, it is a matter of putting life into your hands. It is normal for people to reject your enthusiasm.

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