Several special cases of BD book layout

Most book printing companies use the Peking University Founder typesetting system for typesetting and have now upgraded to version 9.1. This typesetting system adopts a batch processing method, which not only has a fast typesetting speed, but also has strict rigorous layout results. The typesetting comments and the included variable parameters make the user comfortable. I have accumulated some experience in years of typographic work and I have now summed it up for my colleagues' reference.

1. Clever use of 〖〗 note annotation

In the typesetting, it is often encountered that some layout annotations are not the same as the system-independent annotation format. This requires the annotation to be treated as a text, which can be implemented with TP annotations. Sample is: 〖TP0, 0. 22, ZX, BP#〗 〖TS (〗 〖CD36mm 〗 Received Date: XXXX Fund Project: 〖ZK (〗 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 〖〖ZK〗) Author: 〖ZK (〗 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 〖ZK) 〗 〖TS)

2. Use 〖TP〗+〖FK〗+〖BG〗 to automatically move the table back

In the layout of books, sometimes because the layout is not enough to lead the separation of the forms, then the typesetting staff must adjust the layout. Using TP〗 + FK + BG annotations to automatically move the table backwards, this problem is easily solved. Samples are: TP0, +1x. 22, BP#〗 〖TS(〗〖FK(W.22ZQ0〗〖BG(〗〖BHDFG2,FK7,K7,KF〗〖BHD〗〖BH〗〖BH〗〖BH〗〖BG)F〗〖FK〗 〖TS〗

3. Use the JG annotation row chart flow chart

Flowcharts often encountered in the layout of books and magazines, you can use Fangezingsi, Feiteng, AutoCAD and other software to draw graphics after inserting the sample, you can also use 〖JG〗 annotations to achieve the flow chart. The sample is: 〖JG(〗〖FK(+8mm.20mm〗A〖FK)〗〖ZJX,3mm〗〖ZJZ,0;JT,X,3mm〗〖FK(W+1x.15mm〗〖FK〗〗〖 ZJZ, 0〗 〖FK (+8mm. 20mm〗 D〗 〖FK)〗 〖ZJJT, Y, 15mm〗 〖FK (W+8mm. 20mm〗 B〗 〖XXZSY4mm-ZSX10mm〗 〖XXYSY4mm-ZSX10mm〗 〖XXZXY4mm-ZXX10mm〗 〖 XXYXY4mm-ZXX10mm〗 〖〖FK)〗 〖ZJX,2.5mm;Y,2.5mm〗〖ZJY,0;JT,X,2.5mm〗〖FK(W〗YES〖FK)〗〖FK(+8mm.20mm〗C 〖FK〗〗 〖ZJS,0;Y,4mm〗〖FK(W〗NO〗〖FK)〗〖ZJS,16mm〗〖ZJJT,Z,8mm〗〖JG

4. Use 〖FK〗+〖BS〗 to comment spelling

For rare characters encountered in typesetting, there are no computer fonts. Use the FK〗 〖+BS〗 annotations to create characters. Samples are: FK (W+1.1〗 〖BS (ZS-ZSY2.5mm〗 〖HT6, 3〗 〖all HT5”, 3〗 Gold 〖BS〗 〖FK)〗 〖FK(W+1.1 〗 〖BS (ZSY0.5mm-ZSX1.8mm〗 〖HT4, 6〗 〖fire HT3, 4"〗 〖Short call〗 〖FK)

5. Solve complex sub-table nesting problems with a single nested table

The idea of ​​sub-list nesting greatly increases the complexity of the layout, we can use a single table item cover table method, this is simple and clear. Samples are: 〖BG(!〗〗〖BHDFG2,WK5.3W〗XXX〗 〖XXX〗 〖XXX〖BHDG2〗〖ZB(〗〖BHDWG6,WKW〗XXX〗ZB)W〗〖〗XXX〗〗XXX〖BHDW〗 〗 〖 XXX 〗 〖BH 〗 〖 XXX 〗 〖 XXX BG) F

6. The use of typesetting language in teaching layout

(1) Annotate the number axis with 〖JG〗 and the sample size is: 〖HT5.〗 〖JG(〗〖ZJY,10mm〗〖ZJS,2mm;X,0;Y,10mm〗〖FK(W〗〖W5〗-1 FK)〗 〖ZJS,2mm;X,0;Y,10mm〗〖FK(W〗〖WTH5〗0〖FK)〗〖ZJS,2mm;X,0;Y,10mm〗〖FK(W〗〖HT5〗 1〗 〖FK) 〖ZJZ, 0〗 〖HT6〗 〖FK(W+1.*2〗 〖HT6,4〗 〗 〖HT〗 〖FK) 〗 〖JG) 〖HT〗
(2) Row of chemical electronic structure diagrams, sample size: 〖FK(W+2. 2〗〖BG(〗〖〖BHDWG,WKW〗〖HT1〗〖CX-2〗O〖CX〗〖1〗〖HT5〗+10 〖BG)W 〗 〖FK) 2 DD(;〗 〖HT1, 5〗 〖〗 〖DD) 8 DD(;〗 〖HT1, 5〗 〖〗 〖DD)

Source: Ke Yin Media - "Printing Technology"

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