Vegetable wrapping paper popular

At present, green edible packaging products made from vegetables as the main raw material have high nutritional value and are convenient for storage, preservation and transportation, and are a good snack food and high-grade food packaging material. Therefore, there is a large market demand. And development prospects. For example, vegetable paper (also known as paper dish) is a new type of deep-processed vegetable product with dual functions of edible and fresh-keeping packaging. At present, countries are actively conducting research on vegetable paper and its products.

There are also edible color vegetable papers made from carotene as raw materials, appropriate thickeners, plasticizers, and water repellents, which are made from the natural color of carotene. This product can be used as an individual package of boxed foods or eaten directly as a convenience food, which can not only reduce environmental pollution but also enhance the beauty of food, and is therefore very popular with consumers.

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Dual hub motor wireless electric skateboard with remoter control .The wireless remote control design of the product can change the speed handle remote control or through the APP.

The design of this electric skateboard has many highlights,mini  fish shape  design and  imported carbon fiber deck material . This make the product lighter and easier to carry. Dual hub motor  has waterproof and dustproof  function,whole product is waterproof . Hight-quality power lithium polymer provide better  life and driving distance. It can cover a distance of 20kms in two hours after charging.In addition,There are no noise ,smooth ,fast acceleration and other advantages.

Smart S1 Fish Skateboard

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