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Cutting is the first stage of formal production. It is the process of cutting, edging, and escaping the leather and accessory materials described above in accordance with the specifications. It provides the size and shape of the downstream sewing process to meet the requirements. The operation of all upper shoes.

Fully prepared

Complete preparation includes two processes of sewing preparation and completion preparation.
Sewing preparation process: According to the instructions of the job, each part of the cutting workshop is equipped according to the requirements of each pair of shoes. In this process, simple pulling and individual product drilling operations are completed. The purpose is to prepare for the sewing process.
Complete the preparation process: After finishing the operation in the sewing workshop, the parts will be returned here again. After the shaping process, the products that require the BONIS process will be stitched and then equipped with shoes, shoelaces and other parts. The purpose is to complete the last Complete the process to prepare.


The sewing process is a series of processes of material matching, marking, bonding and sewing on the material prepared through cutting and sewing. Its task is to complete the sewing of various parts of the shoe upper and finally to complete preparation of the workshop and soles, etc. After the parts are equipped, the finished workshop produces shoes.
Most of the workshop's technical workers have more than 5-10 years of work experience and have received special skills training. This is to meet the requirements of the professional skills required by the sewing process.
In the workshop culture construction, we have also focused on cultivating employees' sense of responsibility and teamwork, enabling products that do not meet specifications to be found and corrected in a timely manner, which greatly reduces the rate of rework at the final quality inspection stage of the workshop, thus ensuring a great degree of assurance. Productivity and product quality.

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