Analysis of the Principles of Color Use of Product Packaging (I)

(Abstract) In the era of perceptual consumption, people's consumption has gone from merely pursuing practicality in the past to focusing on practical but more psychological pursuits. It is of great significance that the principle of the use of color in commodity packaging must be in line with the aesthetic habits of consumers, the second must be consistent with the characteristics of the use of commodities, and the third is the continuous development of packaging colors.

(Key words) Product Packaging Color Psychology Principle

First, the significance of color in the packaging of goods

Since the advent of packaging, the protection of goods and the ease of delivery have been firmly established as its basic function. With the continuous development of commodity economy, the function of commodity packaging has also begun to change. It is no longer limited to simple protection. As consumers feel the first factor when they come into contact with goods, packaging is becoming more and more deeply involved in commodities. Become part of the appearance of the product, participate in the influence of consumers on the likes and dislikes of the goods, and then become one of the criteria for consumers to buy goods. In modern society, packaging has the nature of promotion and is an important means of product marketing. Therefore, in packaging design,
The full use of elements such as packaging components is a prerequisite for achieving packaging promotions.

Color is the first element of packaging. We live in a world of color, and everything around us has a certain color. It is natural that the outer garments that are packaged as a commodity are also inseparable from color. If you throw in the specific physical form of F packaging, packaging is a combination of points, lines, surfaces and other geometric figures, but the existence of these graphics need to rely on color, color composition point, color composition line, color composition surface. For example, the "He" brand cigarette case in the Changsha Baisha Cigarettes series adopts a mysterious black background that is both mysterious and steady, with an extremely stylish silver-white light beam passing through uninterruptedly. The cigarette filter tip is used. The quiet blue, with silver words, shows elegance and dignity. This is the "He" brand cigarette packaging from the overall visual to give people a calm, stable feeling, the same table and inside the alcohol and feelings, the "alcohol and" concept behave incisively and vividly. In 2004, China's 20-yuan price listed cigarettes, "and" brand cigarettes to become the brand sales exceeded 500 million mark. It's not hard to imagine that the faces that leave the black box of cigarettes, the silver-white lines, the quiet blue side of the filter, the silver dots (words), and the packaging of the "and" cigarettes can also be perceived by people. Therefore, color has become the first element of packaging.

Color is the first element of packaging to attract consumers. Commodities to achieve consumer purchases, or that consumers want to buy goods from a large number of shopping malls, the first is that the goods should be able to arouse the attention of consumers. Otherwise, consumers will turn a blind eye and pass by without the goods being sold. Packaging is the most important factor for consumers to come into contact with in a product. It naturally takes on the task of attracting consumers. Color is the first element of packaging. In this way, the task of using packaging to attract consumers' attention first falls on the color of the packaging. The role of color itself in the psychology of consumers ensures that color can take up this task.

Among the factors visually conveyed in the merchandise, color is one of the factors that triggers the fastest eye movement. Studies in psychology have shown that human visual organs, when observing objects, have a color perception of 80% within the first 20 seconds and a body perception of only 20%; after two minutes, color perception accounts for 60%, and physical perception accounts for 40%; After half a minute each half, and this state will continue to maintain. Another test showed that shoppers spent about 0.25 seconds to observe each product. This 0.25-point decision determines whether consumers will turn from unintentional attention to intentional attention. Undoubtedly, for consumers, grasping this 0.25 second captures the attention of consumers, and color is the most direct and primary means of grasping attention and becomes a product that attracts consumers. The first element.

In summary, we should reconsider the color of packaging from the perspective of goods, and give it a new meaning. The color of packaging is the means of commodity marketing, and the use of packaging colors should be the marketing strategy of commodities. Just as Japanese color expert Xiaolin Zhongdun stated in his book “The Most Advanced Sensualized Age of Commodity Technology in the Development of Color Strategy-One Market,” the “widespread use of color has become an important symbol of the new era. Into the 'era of color'." People abroad have raised the color to the most sophisticated strategic weapons of commodity competition. If domestic companies can also cleverly use the psychological functions of color to win customers, it is of great significance to win competition in the coming emotional consumption era.

(to be continued)

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