Prepress Image Formatting Terms (2)

4.9 Separation color separation

The process of decomposing colored originals into monochrome versions.

4.10 Photo separation

With a photographic method, a process of decomposing a color document into individual monochrome plates by a color filter.

4.11 process camera process camera

Photographic platemaking equipment. There are horizontal, vertical, hanging and special models.

4.12 electronic separation of electronic scanning

The process of decomposing colored originals into individual monochrome versions by electronic scanning.

4.13 electronic color scanner

The electronic color separation is used to decompose color originals into monochrome devices.

4.14 Image decomposition picture breakdown

A continuous image of the original is divided into an infinite number of image reproduction processes that are not resolved by the human eye within the normal viewing distance.

4.15 color separation film

Through color separation, color originals are decomposed into monochromatic (base color) lines, continuous tone or halftone dots, and positive negatives.

4.16 Screening

In the copying technique, a process of decomposing a continuous tone original or a color separation sheet into printable pixels (mesh dots, net points) through a screen.

4.17 Electronic screening

The process of screening the manuscript by the dot generator on the electronic color separation machine. The use of a laser beam for electronic screening is also referred to as laser screening.

4.18 Descreening

The process of restoring the dot image to a continuous tone image.

4.19 screen screen

Decompose continuous tone images into screenable copyable pixels (webs, cells).

4.20 Dots halftone dot, screen dot

The pixels that make up the dot image reproduce the shading effect of the original by changing the area and/or the amount of ink.

4.21 pixel picture element

The basic unit that constitutes an image. Through image decomposition, continuous adjustment effects are reproduced by the comparison of such image units and blanks.

4.22 Continuous tone tuning

The tone value is continuously gradational.

(to be continued)

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